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 This post has been made about Google drive kya hain and how to use it.

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Google drive

Google drive kya hain

Although Google drive is present in our smartphone but very few people know about it. And this app is connected to big servers. In which your files, photos, videos, etc. are saved. Which is also called online storage. Like we also keep pen drive, Sd card, hard disk, for offline storage. Similarly, we can save files online in Google Drive for absolutely free.

We all also know that sometimes our SD card gets damaged due to which our files get deleted but let me tell you that the updated files in Google Drive are not deleted, they remain there. You can download these files anytime and anywhere. If we talk about SD card then we get a certain capacity, but when talking about Google Drive, we get 15 GB of storage in Gmail, which we can also enlarge.

How to use google drive ka

If you use play store then you will not need to login to Google drive. But if you are not logged in, then you will need Gmail to login to it. When you are logged in, a simple interface will open in front of you. If you want to save anything in it, then you click on the plus sign below. After clicking it, you will see the upload icon.

After clicking on the upload icon, you will reach your mobile gallery. If you want, you can also update all the photos together or one by one. In this, apart from photos, you can save a lot like - contacts, songs, etc. can also be uploaded in it.

Now you must know how Google drive works. And if you have some problem in Google drive, then you will definitely comment me in 1 day.

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